In the Heart of the Church


"That divine mission, entrusted by Christ to the apostles, will last until the end of the world, since the Gospel they are to teach is for all time the source of all life for the Church...
Bishops by divine institution have succeeded to the place of the apostles...and he who hears them, hears Christ, and he who rejects them, rejects Christ...In the bishops, therefore...
Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme High Priest, is present in the midst of those who believe...He is not absent from the gathering of His high priests,
but above all through their excellent service He is preaching the word of God to all nations, and constantly administering the sacraments of faith to those who believe...
and finally by their wisdom and prudence He directs and guides the People of the New Testament in their pilgrimage toward eternal happiness.
These pastors, chosen to shepherd the Lord's flock of the elect, are servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God."
(Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, LUMEN GENTIUM, 20-21)

Teachings of the Successors of the Apostles

Archbishop Angelo Amato
       - Dominus Iesus and the Other Religions

Bishop Samuel J. Aquila
     - The Good Shepherd: Living Christ's Own Pastoral Authority

     - Letter to the President of Notre Dame
     - Pastoral Letter on Deepening Our Understanding of the Truths of the
        Catholic Faith

     - In Defense of Christian Responsibility
40 Years of the Culture of Death - Pastoral Letter

Family: Become Who You Are - Pastoral Letter 2014

Card. Francis Arinze

     - The Eucharistic Mystery Calls for Our Response
     - Witnesses to the Eucharistic Christ: A Mystery to be Lived

     - Making Sunday Truly What It Is: the Lord's Day

Bishop Joseph Bambera
     - US Bishops' Pastoral Letter: Economic Justice for all after 25 Years

Bishop Peter Baldacchino

     - Remarks at His Episcopal Ordination

Cardinal Bertone

     - Declaration
On Human Rights: "Exalts the Liberty and
          Membership of the Human Family"

     - Love Your Children and Make Them Feel That They Are Loved
     - On Caritas in Veritate - "It Is Also Possible to Do Business by
          Pursuing Aims That Serve Society"

     - Farewell Address to H.H. Benedict XVI

Archbishop Markus Buchen
     - The New Evangelization Means Nothing More than Opening Hearts
       and Ears to the Word of God

Cardinal Raymond Burke
     - Homilies

     - The Revelation of Divine Mercy
Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Mary Immaculate, Our Lady of Guadalupe
     - Catholic Schools and Consecrated Life
Canon Law at the Service of Justice and Freedom in the
Church as the People of God

Fr. Blaine Burkey, O.F.M.Cap.
     - John XXIII: Pope of St. Joseph

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra
     - Made to Love: The Truth and Beauty of Love

Archbishop Robert Carlson
     - Pastoral Letter on Handing on the Faith to the Young Church

Archbishop Charles Chaput
     - Homilies of Archbishop Charles Chaput
     - Glorify God by Your Life: Evangelization and the Renewal
        of the Liturgy

     - Seeing Clearly

     - Being a Christian Means Your Life Has a Mission
     - Called to Live in the Holy Spirit
     - The Holy Spirit, The Soul of the Church
     - The Holy Spirit, the Principal Agent of Mission
     - On the Separation of Church and State
     - The Priestly Vocation: Co-Authoring the Future with

     - On Character and Circumstance 
     - The Task of Catholic Medical Professionals
     - Health-care Reform and the Future of the Catholic
        Health- care Vocation

     - Living within the Truth: Religious Liberty and Catholic
        Mission in
the New Order of the World

     - Repentance and Renewal in the Mission of Catechesis
     - Christmas: A Revolution Sparked by God's Love and Intervention
     - Thoughts on a New Knighthood
Homily for Installation Mass as Archbishop of Philadelphia
     -Real Freedom Isn't Something Caesar Can Give or Take Away
     -Interview with Archbishop Chaput: Review of First Year
        of Ministry in Philadelphia
     -We're Better Citizens When We're More Faithful Catholics

     -Security, Immigration Reform and Human Dignity
     -We Become More Human Ourselves by Seeing the Humanity in the
      Poor, the Weak, and the Unborn Child and then Fighting for it

Archbishop Francis Assisi Chullikatt
    -Homily From Holy See's Observer at UN on Peace in Syria

Bishop James D. Conley

    -The Language of Love - Pastoral Letter on Contraception
    - Our Lady of Guadalupe - Star of the New Evangelization

Cardinal Georges Cottier

     - Interview on Evangelization

Bishop Giampaolo Crepaldi
     - Public Reason and the Truth of Christianity in the
          Teachings of Benedict XVI

Archbishop Paul Josef Cordes
     - Allow the Eucharist to Enter Life and Change It
     - The Heart of Social Doctrine Remains the Human Person

Bishop John M. D'Arcy
     - Norms for Tabernacle Placement

Bishop Mark Davies
     -Do Not Be Afraid of Confession

Ivan Cardinal Diaz

    - Eucharist Makes the 'Impossible' a Reality

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan
     - We Gather as Missionaries, as Evangelizers
     - We Catholics Are Hopeless Romantics when it Comes to
        Married Love
     - Prayer at Democratic National Convention
Cardinal Dolan's Response to HHS Final Rules
     -Letter to President Obama Regarding Syria

     -Video: Ideas Have Consequences
     -Our Beautiful catholic Traditions

Cardinal Edward Egan
     - They Are Human Beings With an Inalienable Right to

Archbishop John C. Favalora
     - You do Not Belong to the World.  I Have Chosen You
          Out of the World -
Homily for Priesthood Ordination

     - Pastoral Letter: The Rosary, A Prayer for the Family
     - Statement Regarding Fr. Alberto Cutié's Separation
         from the Roman Catholic Church

Priestly Mission: To Make Jesus Present

Bishop Robert Finn
     - Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

Bishop Anthony Fisher
     - Homily on Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

Cardinal Fernando Filoni
     - Address to the Bishops of the Episcopal Conference
        of the Antilles

Cardinal John Foley
     - "I Cannot Think of a More Exciting Time in Which to Have

    - "Good Night Sweet Prince" - Tribute by Fr. Thomas Rosica CSB,
      at the passing of Cardinal Foley

Cardinal Henri de Lubac, SJ
    - Motherhood of the Entire Church

Archbishop Georg Ganswein
    - Interviews
    - On the Final Months of Pope Benedict's Pontificate
   - Reuters Q & A
Many Spiritual Fruits have Emerged from Benedict XVI's
        Act of Renunciation

Archbishop Agostino Gardin
    - Consecrated Life Going Strong

Francis Cardinal George, OMI
    - Letter of Congratulations to Barack Obama:
           "Defend the Weak; Heal Divisions"

     - Letter to President-elect Barack Obama: "We Will Consistently
            Defend the Fundamental Right to Life"

     - The Cost is too High, the Loss is too Great for Health Care Bill 
        not to be Revised

     - Redefinition of Marriage Legislation Press Conference (video)

Archbishop Jose Gomez
     - Catholic Culture and the New Evangelization

Claudio Cardinal Hummes
    - Eucharist and Priesthood, Faith and Life, Celebration
           and Mission, Worship and Love

Letter to the Priests For the Year of the Priesthood
     - "We Must Love the Poor In a Preferential Way" - to Permanent

    - “The Missionary Identity of the Priest in the Church as an
         Intrinsic Dimension of the Exercise of the Tria Munera”

Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett

     - Starting Afresh from Christ

Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C.
     - Hail, Full of Grace

     - Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me: A Reflection on Vocations
Prayers for the Dead -
Pastoral Letter
Secularism - Festival Letter

Bishop John Keating
     - Pastoral Letter on Morality and Conscience

Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz
No Source of Hope Other Than Divine Mercy

Bishop Jean Laffitte
     -The Church Becomes the Basis of Our Hope

Cardinal Alfonso López-Trujillo

    - The Defense of Life: The Great Cause of the Third Millennium
    - Marriage, Family, Eucharist, Life
    - The Eucharist Makes Us Holy

Archbishop William Lori
    - How to End the Day

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin
    - The Church is...Lived by Men and Women who Allow that Word of
        God to Transform Them

Cardinal Renato Martino
     - On Migration and Ecumenism: "The Church Must Feel
         Concerned Regarding Immigrants"

Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, C.M.F.
     - Receiving Eucharist, Becoming Eucharist

Archbishop Roland Minnerath
     - A Renewed Understanding of Confirmation

Archbishop John Joseph Myers
     - "And the Word Became Flesh" - A Theological Reflection on the
     Human Body
     - Executive Summary of When Two Become One: A Pastoral Teaching
        on the Definition, Purpose and Sanctity of Marriage

Archbishop Neinstedt
    - Advent Homily

Archbishop Niederauer
    - Free Will, Conscience, and Moral Choice: What Catholics Believe

Bishop R. Walker Nickless
    - Pastoral Letter Ecclesia Semper Reformanda

John Noonan
- -To Consecrated Men & Women: "You are the
        Messengers of Hope, Joy
    - Finding Your Identity During Lent

Archbishop Edwin O'Brien

    - Remarks at the Global Zero Summit: On the Elimination of Nuclear

Cardinal John O'Connor

    - Trust in God Fulfills the Promise of Happy Marriage

Bishop Thomas Olmsted
    - What Should Science Trump?
    - Year for Priests: St. John Vianney Part 1
     - The Beauty of Christ's Love
    -"Into the Breach- Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men
    - Catholics in the Public Square

Cardinal Sean O'Malley
     - Pastoral Letter on Evangelization
     -"Jesus Taught Us That We Must Care for Each Other"
     -"Statement for October Respect Life Month"
     - Business as Usual is Not Enough

Cardinal George Pell
     -Religious Freedom

Archbishop Jose Palma
     - Truth Must be the Basis of the Law

Cardinal Mauro Piacenza
     - Shrines: Tools of Evangelization
     - 21st Century Priests: Little and Great, Noble in Spirit
       as a King, Simple and Natural as a Peasant

     - Letter to Priests on Holiness and the New Evangelization

Cardinal Justin Rigali
- Eucharist in the Midst of the Church Is Great Sign of Her Vitality

     - Statement for Respect Life Sunday: Respect for Human Life,
          Opposition to 'Freedom of Choice' Act

     - On the Year for Priests

Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga
     - The Importance of the New Evangelization

Bishop Agustín Román
     - The Paternal Dimension of the Priesthood
- The Confessional: A Space for Embracing Christ

Cardinal Antonio Rouco
- We are on the Threshold of a New Pentecost - Letter 100 Days
      before World Youth Day

Archbishop Alexander Sample
     - We Must Contemplate His Risen Face before We can Announce
        Him to Others

Robert Cardinal Sarah
     -"We Must Protect the Family from the Devil's Attacks"
     - "The Death of God Results in the Burial of Good"

Bishop Athanasius Schneider
Battling the New Gnosticism
     - 12 Steps to Surviving as a Catholic Family in a
         Heretical Wasteland (video)

     -Talk at Rome Life Forum

Angelo Cardinal Scola
     - Renewal Depends on Faith and Eucharistic Worship
     - Marriage is Not in Crisis (Video)

Archbishop Fulton Sheen
     - All Mothers are Alike - Save One
     - The Divine Romance: The Pulpit of the Cross

Bishop William Skylstad

The Great Mobility of Peoples Is Interweaving Us
          in One Cloth of Faith

Archbishop Peter Smith
The Essence of Marriage Involves the Complementarity of the Two
Male and Female

Cardinal Angelo Sodano
     - The College of Cardinals Is ... Always United to the Successor of Peter
     - May the Lord Grant Us Another Good Shepherd - Homily for the Pro
        Eligendo Romano Pontifice Mass

Cardinal James Stafford
     - Morning Watchmen - Reflection on Novo Millennio Ineunte

Bishop John Steinbock
     - The Affliction of Cancer: An Essay on a Christian Perspective

Bishop Louis Tagle

     - The Eucharist, the Life of Christ  in Our Lives: Spiritual
Worship and Authentic Adoration

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran
     - The Church and Interreligious Dialogue "It Is a Journey
          in Search of the Truth"

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi
     - Holy See on Racism: "Without a Change of Heart, Laws Are Not

Cardinal Josef Tomko     
     - The Gift of Eucharist Needs Celebration, Adoration

Cardinal Telesphore Toppo
     - The Eucharist and Mission

Archbishop Thomas Wenski
     -Curriculum Vitae and other statements
     - Homily from Installation Mass

     -"Faith in God Who is Love Makes us Witnesses to Hope"
     -"Look, There Goes the Church!"
     -"There is No Vacation from Sunday Mass"
     -"Let Us Not Succumb to 'Total War Mentality'"
"Against burning copies of the Quran"
     -"Thy Will be Done"
     - Homily at Deacon Ordination
     - Homily on Gaudete Sunday
     - Homily on the Fourth Sunday of Advent
     - "God has Entered into the World"
     -Homily on the Feast of the Holy Family
     - Homily on Epiphany Sunday
     - Homily at Funeral of Two Police Officers
     - New Age is Old Gnosticism
     - World Day of Consecrated Life
     - Lent: Saying 'No' to Me, 'Yes' to God
     - Homily for Holy Thursday
     - Homily for the Mass of Thanksgiving for the Beatification of JPII
     - On Immigration, an Abdication of Responsibility
     - Citizens Should Support Religious Freedom Act
No Vacation from Sunday Mass
     - No Justification for the Death Penalty

     - Work: Not Just About 'Getting More'
     - If We Don't Give Them God, We Give Them too Little
     - The Rosary: Neither 'Old Fashioned' Nor 'Too Hard'
     - October is Respect Life Month
The Dual Citizenship of the Christian
     - Advent Nears: Wake Up! Repent!
     - Protect Rights of Conscience, Mr. President
Before You Talk the Talk, You Have to Walk the Walk
     - He Served the Last, the Least, and the Lost
We Have to Do More for thos Fleeing 'Modern Day Herods'"
     - We are One Family - Brothers and Sisters of One Father
     - Christianity: 'A Chain of Witnesses'
     - Another Sad Anniversary: Homily at Mass of Penance for Life
- Letter to Parishes Regarding the HHS Mandate
     - Like Mary, Christ's Followers Will Live Under the Sign of the
   - I Thank You For Who You Are - Homily at Mass for Religious
'Cheap Grace' Will Not Save Us
Sr. Maureen: A Generous Soul
     - Say 'Yes' to God, say 'Yes' to Life
Cuba Needs a Transition...Worthy of Cubans, Worthy of Man
     - We are Called to Inculturate the Gospel in Each Culture
The Government Can't Impose Practices on the Catholic Church
     - Do Not Let Your Hearts be Troubled: Words Directed Towards
        our Contemporary World
     - Homilies during Ad Limina Visit to Rome
Imitation of Mary
     - Prophet, Witness, Servant of Hope
     - The Church is For ' the World' Not Against It
     - Mary, Our Hope
     - What Every Catholic Should Know
Do We Need a Year of Faith? You Betcha'!
A Memorable Visit - in Honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Visit of      
     St. John Paul II
     - We Pray that these Men 'Learn Christ'
     - Spirituality in Contemporary Catholic Church
     - Jesus: The World's True Ruler
The Year of Faith: A Call to Rediscover the Joy of Believing
     - Thanks to You, 'Seeds of Priesthood' are Nurtured Here
Our Only Job: Evangelize
     - Christian Life is about More than Being 'Nice'
Religious Women over the Centuries have Rightly Been Called Brides        of Christ
An Instrument in the Lord's Hands
     - The Church is Not the Enemy of Women - Homily at Mass for
          Nascent Life
-"If You Call a Tail a Leg... Calling Same Sex Unions Marriage Won't
        Make Them So

     - A Priest is Not to Build Walls but Bridges
     - He is the Spirit of Love between the Father and the Son
     -Deacons: 'Ordered' for Service in the Name of the Church
     -'If it Infects One of Us, it Affects All of Us'?
     -'Today is 'Rejoice! Sunday'
     -'The Creché: Powerful Icon of Christmas
     - Jesus Christ is the True Light of the World
     - Acknowledging God's Love for Us
     - Lent is a Calling to Mind of Our Sins
     - Oh Help us Live what We Believe
     -A Bishop's Role: Prophet, Witness, Servant of Hope
     - Examine Your Conscience in Light of the Gospel
     - To Be a Christian is Not a Burden; it is a Gift
Priests: Anointed to Serve, and Save, Others -Homily for Chrism       Mass
The Body and Blood of Christ is a divine remedy- Homily for Holy      Thursday

     - Time to Fix Broken Sentencing Policies
     -We've Got to Be Intentional 'Convert-Makers'
     -Bring Our Neighbors Out of the Shadows
     -Jesus Loves Us with a Human Heart
     -"What We Need: Faith, Trust, Perseverance, Humility: Those Same
           Qualities are Being Exhibited by Persecuted Christians Today"

     -The Rosary, Weapon of Mass Conversion
     - God Shows no Partiality - Nor Should We

     - The Synod on the Family Stressed Both Truth and Love
     - Let's Pray for Every Human Being's Life to be Respected
        and Defended 

     - The Consecrated are the Church 'Concentrated'
     - God Takes the Side of the Poor - So Must We
- Christ, The Supreme Friend
 -- Each of Us is a Work of Art Made by God
    -- You Are Witnesses
     - Man and Woman are One Flesh

     - Love: What it Truly Is and What it Isn't
     -Allow Jesus' Loving Gaze to Transform You during the Year of Mercy
     -We don't handle the truth too well

     -The Joy of Love Invites Families to Go 'from Woe to Beatitude'
     - St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More: Men for Our Season
     -Lord, Make me an Instrument of Your Mercy
    - On Being Bishops: We Choose to be "Fools for Christ"

Cardinal John Wright
    - Priesthood and the Eucharist

Archbishop Donald Wuerl
    - Disciples of the Lord: Sharing the Vision
        Pastoral Letter on the New Evangelization

  - "Making Moral Choices"

Bishops of the Church in the Americas

     - Family, Become What You Are!

Teachings of the Popes

H.H. Benedict XVI

St. John Paul II

Pope Paul VI

      - On the Priesthood
  - Reflections in Nazareth

      - Homily of the Beatification of St. Maximilian Kolbe
      - The Credo of the People of God
      - On Prayer in the Month of May Encyclical Letter, April 29, 1965

Pope Leo the Great
On the Transfiguration

Pope Pius IX
      - On the Immaculate Conception

Pope Pius X
      - On the 50th Anniversary of the Definition of the  
        Immaculate Conception

Pope Pius XI
      - Quas Primas - "On the Feast of Christ the King"

Pope Pius the XII
Pius XII Saw "Miracle of the Sun"
          Handwritten Note Reveals His Experience
Antonio Gaspari 
      - Encyclical Warning the World of the Danger of Materialism
      - Venerable Pope Pius XII and the 19594 Marian Year: A Study of
          His Writings within the Context of th eMarian Devotion and
          Mariology in the 1950s

Ecclesial Documents
Cong. of the Doctrine of the Faith
      - Summary of Doctrinal Note on Evangelization
Dominus Iesus: On the Unicity and Salvific Universality
         of Jesus Christ and the Church

     - Dignitas Personae
      - Pastoral Recommendations for the Year of Faith
      - Christian Faith and Demonology*
      - On Charismatic Movements and Gifts

Synod of Bishops
11th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops
      - Instrumentum Laboris - "The Eucharist: Source and Summit
           of the Life and Mission of the Church"

12th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops
      - Lineamenta - "The Word of God in the Life and Mission
           of the Church"

      - Instrumentum Laboris
      - Documents of the Synod

13th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops
      - Lineamenta - "The New Evangelization for the Transmission
         of the Christian Faith"

III Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops
      - Preparatory Document - "Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the C
ontext of the New Evangelization"

Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops - Oct. 10-24, 2010

Reflections on the Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Benedict XVI:  
         Sacramentum Caritatis

Guidelines for Evaluating Reiki as an Alternative Therapy -
USCCB Committee on Doctrine

Africa and Condoms: A Case of Morality in Reality -
Episcopal Conference of Nigeria

"We Stand Unified in Our Strong Opposition"
Statement of New York Bishops on Same-Sex "Marriage"

Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus           
Providing for Personal Ordinariates for Anglicans Entering into Full
Communion with the Catholic Church

Vatican Proposals for Caring for Those on the Street

"Praise the Lord for Your Efforts...for Unity within the Church" - Congregation of Evangelization
Letter to China

Statement on Immigration - January 1, 2011
Florida Bishops' Conference

Letter of Hispanic/Latino Bishops to Immigrants

Statement on 38th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade - January 22, 2011
Florida Bishops' Conference

The Challenge of Peace: God's Promise and Our Response - A Pastoral Letter on War and Peace by the USCCB

The Human Cost and Moral Challenges of a Broken Economy - USCCB 2011 Labor Day Statement

Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan
Pastoral Letter of the USCCB

Placing Work and Workers at the Center of Economic Life - USCCB 2012 Labor Day Statement

International Congress on 'Ecclesia in America' - December 9-12, 2012

Florida Bishops Will Continue to Uphold and Defend Marriage
as the Union of One Man and One Woman
- June 2013

Now and At the Hour of Our Death - Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Wisconsin on End of Life Issues

For I am Lonely and Afflicted - Toward a Just Response to the Needs of Mentally Ill Persons - A Statement from the Catholic Bishops of New York State

All About the Year for Priests

Archdiocese of Miami: Meet the Newly Ordained Priests
USCCB Website for Catholic Teaching on Economic Life
Year for Priests - Official USCCB Website
Catholic Relief Services Call for Greater Commitment to Help Poor Around the World in Climate Change Legislation - USCCB
Inside the Curia - A series of Catholic News Service
      interviews with heads of Vatican offices


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