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GoD the Father
God is Love
Our Hearts Are Restless Until they Rest in God Alone - Abbey Youth Festivial, New Orleans
The Heart of Jesus and The Eucharist
Contemplating the Face of Christ
The Encounter with the Eucharistic Heart Forms Witnesses of Love
The Eucharist: Fountain of Holiness
The Heart of Christ: Burning Furnace of Love
The Heart of Jesus: Remedy for the Evils of Our Times
I Will Give You A New Heart
Saint Maria Faustina, Formed in the School of the Merciful Heart - Divine Mercy Congress May 6, 2012
The Importance of Divine Mercy for Our Times
The Importance of Perpetual Adoration in Our Times
The Reign of the Eucharistic Heart: The Triumph of Love
The Reign of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus: The Triumph of Love
The Year of the Eucharist
audio The Word Became Flesh
I Will Place Enmity Between You and the  Woman
audio Let Us Guard and Live the Word in Our Hearts- October 30, 2011
audio Live Holiness in the Heart of Mary - November 1, 2011
Living the Year of the Eucharist in the School of the Heart of Mary
Living this Eucharistic Year in the School of the Heart of Mary
Love, the Vocation of Human Heart - November 3, 2011
Loving the Eucharist with the Heart of Mary - Eucharistic Marian Congress: Fargo, North Dakota, October 2010
Marian Consecration:  Apostles of the Virgin to fulfill His designs,
     according to Saint Louis de Montfort
Mary and the Beloved Disciple at the Foot of the Cross
Mary, Model of Faith, Hope and Charity for the Third Millennium
Mary, Model of Faith, Hope and Charity
Missionaries and Apostles of Our Lady - November 5, 2011
My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph
     (words at the blessing and dedication of a grotto)
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Star of the New Evangelization
Pray with the Heart - October 28, 2011
The Smile of Our Lady Heals the Human Heart - November 4, 2011
The Spiritual Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
A Triumph of Divine Mercy: May the Stones of Our Hearts Become Rosaries - October 29, 2011
The Word Became Flesh in Mary's Womb by the Power of the Holy Spirit
The Virgin Mary, Mother and Teacher of the Human Heart
Marian Shrines: Homes and Schools of the Heart of Mary
Our Lady's Heart: Model and School of Faith - Marian Eucharistic Congress, Green Bay Wisconsin, October 2014
The Triumph of the Maternal Heart of Our Lady and the Church - Talk to Respect Life Ministry, September 2015
The Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Consecration to the Two Hearts
The Two Hearts Have Designs of Mercy For Us
The Spirituality of the Two Hearts: The Hope of Humanity
The Father's Promise - Peoria Diocesan Catholic Charismatic Conference July 2011
The Father's Promise: The Gift of the Holy Spirit - Peoria Diocesan Catholic Charismatic Conference, July 2011
Go Out into the Deep with the Power of the Spirit: The Task of the New Evangelization -
Peoria Diocesan Catholic Charismatic Conference, July 2011
Identity of the Charismatic Renewal in the Church
The Church
The Gift of Women in the Church
Love: The Path of the Church

Living Hope - (Video)

Women: Witnesses of Hope (Video)
Love is the Essence and Vocation of the Human Heart
Fasting and Conversion of Heart
If You Only Knew the Gift of God (Click here for written form)
Invitation to Prayer and Fasting at these Moments of Great Crisis of the Precious Gift of Peace in the World
Motherhood, a Vocation of Love
Motherhood, a Vocation to Love
Spiritual Discernment
Suffering: A Mystery of Love and Fecundity in the Lives of the Saints
A Woman's Fiat: Her Gift to the Church
Dear Young People: Be Protagonists of the Future - Given at the JPII Newman Center in Normal, IL (Video)
Page of Audio Teachings on the Family
"You Have Chosen to Give a Triumph to the Civilization of Love" - Words at the Wedding of Stephen and Marianne
Advent: A Time to Be Witnesses of Hope
The Divine Mercy in Saint Faustina and John Paul II - Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy, Poland
Family, Home and School of Love and Responsibility: The Heart of the Civilization of Love - Wadowice, Poland
The Gospel of Suffering in the Life of John Paul II
I Have Found the Heart I was Searching For
The Heart of St. Joseph: The Home of the Mother and the Child - Sanctuary of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Poland
Living Witness to Priestly Love - Tribute to the Priesthood of JPII
Living Witness to Priestly Love - Cathedral of Kracow, Poland
Memory and Identity: The Church that was the Home and School of Karol Wotyla - Cathedral of Warsaw, Poland
Only Love Gives the Most Profound Response and Salvific Meaning to Human Suffering - Sanctuary of
the Divine Mercy, Poland
The Power of the Maternal Mediation of the Virgin in Our Lives: Our Consecration Gives Her Full Maternal Freedom - Sanctuary of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Poland
Purify the Heart for Love - Church of St. Matthew, Pabianice, Poland
In the School Mary and the Cross 
In the School of the Immaculate, Witnesses to the Civilization of Love are Formed - Niepokalanow, City of the Immaculate, Poland
Words at the Announcement of the Beatification of John Paul II
The Marian Dimension of St. John Paul II
At the School of Mary's Heart: With Rosaries in Their Hands
Be Not Afraid- to seminarians
Behold Your Mother! Our Lady's Maternal Mission in the Lives of Seminarians - Convocation of Seminarians, Miami, May 13, 2013
Formed in the School of the Sacred Heart - to Seminarians at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, October 2015
Marian Spirituality of the Disciples of Christ - to Seminarians at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, October 2015
Being Formed in the School of the Holy Rosary
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, Because the Kingdom of God is Theirs
Consecrated Life: An Enfleshment of the Holy Rosary
Each Fiat is a Triumph of Love
Interview by EWTN on the Program "Cara a Cara with Alejandro Bermúdez"
A Love Capable of Faithfulness
Loving Jesus in the Eucharist with Mary: The Foundation of Religious Life - Adoratio Conference: Rome, June 22, 2011
Click here to purchase book of conferences: includes text of Mother Adela's talk
Obedience: To Love and to Live to Fulfill God's Will - Lenten Reflection Given to the Religious of the Archdiocese of Miami, April 3, 2011
A Profound Gaze at Vocational Discernment Contemplating the Heart of St. John Paul II
The Splendor of Love
To Be Inflamed In Love for Christ
To Gaze Through the Eyes of Our Lady's Heart
You Are the Most Precious Treasure of Our Lady's Maternal Heart
     (Address to Priests of the Archdiocese of Miami)
The Birth of the Redeemer of Man is the Reason for Our Hope - Talk to the Religious of the Archdiocese of Miami, December 2016 (See Video)
Spiritual Motherhood of the Consecrated Woman - Talk to Religious Sisters at Holy Apostles College & Seminary, CT. October 1st, 2015
What is Religious Life? Sharing with Illinois State University Students, June 17, 2012
Enfleshing the Legacy of John Paul II: Pilgrimage to Poland, April 2010
In the School of the Heart of Mary -Marian Pilgrimage, October-November 2011


February 2007 Suffering and the Mystery of Love
October 2005 The Father seeks True Worshipers
October 2003 A Gift for the Church and for the World!
May 2003 Marian Consecration
April 2003 In the Ocean of His Mercy
February 2003 Manifestation of God’s Love to the World
May 2002 Mary and Pentecost
May 2001 Witnesses to Love
March 2001 Go Out into the Deep
December 2000 Do Not Be Afraid to Be the Apostles  of the III Millennium
October 2000

Papal Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart

July 2000

The Third Part of the Secret of Fatima

June 2000 The Designs of God with the Shepherds of Fatima
April 2000 The Blessed of Fatima and St. Faustina
February 2000 The Gospel of Suffering
January 2000 Mary, Our Blessed Mother, a Dawn of Light in Modern Times
December 1999 The Advent of the Great Jubilee
November 1999 The Shepherds of Fatima
October 1999 This is the Heart
September 1999 The Civilization of Love
August 1999 The Importance of Having Doctrine and Devotion


Meditation for the Hour of Mercy

Memorare to St. Joseph
Novena to the Two Hearts
Our Lady of the Smile
Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Prayers of Consecrations to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
To the Merciful Heart - Meditation for the Hour of Mercy
Way of the Cross of Our Sorrowful Mother
Witnesses of Conjugal Love
Enthronement of the Sacred Scriptures in our home
Prayer to the Blood of Christ for Families
Prayer of Intercession - Excerpts from Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary written by Mother Adela, Foundress SCTJM
Way of the Cross of the Sorrowful Mother
Examination of Conscience based on Lenten Letter of 2022


Let Us be Poor Mangers (Christmas Letter 2005)
May Love Not be Wasted: Our Gift and Our Task (Lenten Letter, 2010)
Let us Walk, Advance, Go on Pilgrimage to Bethlehem to Encounter the Child Jesus (Christmas Letter, 2013)
What does the Child Jesus have to Say to Us? (Christmas Letter, 2014)
I Will Show You A Still More Excellent Way: Love! (Lenten Letter, 2015)
Christmas Letter 2021
Let us Console and Heal the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Lenten Letter 2022)


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