Consecrated Life: An Enfleshment of the Holy Rosary
Words of Mother Adela, Foundress SCTJM to the Sisters of SCTJM
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Dear Sisters,

Consecrated life seems to be an enfleshment of all the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. It is a mystery of joy: the joy of being called by God, the joy of responding to his call with the total giving of oneself, the joy of living in community and generous service to our sisters; the joy of a spiritual maternity that has not limits in its fecundity and is communicated through all our services and apostolates: the joy of giving birth to Christ in many hearts and of going across the mountains, fields and oceans to bring this life to many hearts.

Consecrated life is a mystery of light: the light that flows from our relationship with the Blessed Trinity, of being daughters of God, brides of Christ and living temples of the Holy Spirit; the light of the maternal mediation of our Lady in every moment of our lives; the light of our mission of teaching, preaching, proclaiming and forming many hearts with the power of the Gospel; the light of Our call to be a monstrance, a brilliant one, a beautified one to hold in our spiritual wombs the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.. the call to be eloquent witnesses of a transfigured marian life. It is also a mystery of sorrow, for the consecrated woman journeys through life with the mark of the cross in her heart and cooperates in giving birth to His grace and life in many hearts, through her participation in the sorrows and tribulations of human life and of apostolic mission. She follows her Bridegroom through the path of Calvary… she walks close to him and never allows herself to run away from the cross or to allow the Blood of Jesus to be wasted by receiving it with superficiality.

Consecrated life is also a mystery of glory: we experience the powerful effect of the Paschal mystery, we live, die and rise in Christ and with Christ, only if we live all for Christ. We are called to live in the contemplation of His Face, His Heart, His Life and His Word, and from this contemplation, prayer and recollection of our hearts in the cenacle of our Lady’s Heart and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are purified, elevated and sanctified, we are brought to the a true experience of the virtues, holiness and elevation of the totality of our human person. It is a mystery of glory, for we are given the diadem of the princesses, of those who are totally consecrated and available to follow with fidelity the guidance and words of the Queen. Indeed, sisters, consecrated life is an enfleshment of all the mysteries of the Holy Rosary… every mystery speaks of an event… it helps us remember an event that reveals a profound mystery… a mystery that must be actualized and enfleshed in our consecrated life, particularly in our marian charism.

Let us enflesh in our daily lives the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and in this way become a living rosary, a missionary of love with a rosary in our hearts and in our hands.

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