Mother Adela, SCTJM
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Read publicly to the pilgrims in the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Krakow, Poland. September, 2003.

Oh Jesus, your Pierced Heart is the Ocean of infinite Mercy from which your Blood and Water so generously emanate over us – Your Blood that set us free from our sins and You Water that purifies and enlivens our hearts. You are the open fountain of Salvation in which we desire to submerge ourselves, so that we may be transformed by the redemptive power of Your Mercy.

Jesus, in this image of Your Merciful Heart revealed to Saint Faustina, You have offered us a vessel through which we can come to the fountain of Mercy to receive without limit your abundant graces of conversion, healing and redemption.

Oh Jesus, I trust in You! To You I entrust my entire life, my heart, my fears, my fragilities, my dreams, and all the sufferings of my body as well as the most intimate sufferings of my heart and soul.

I trust in You, oh Divine Mercy! You, Who see my weakness with compassionate eyes; You, Who lift up my misery with the power of Your Love; You, Who give life to my unfruitfulness and Who trust in me in spite of my failings.

In You, I trust! You Who calm the tempests of the soul and the great storms that violently assail the ship of our lives, families, communities, nations and the entire world. In You, Jesus, I entrust the past that in so many ways crushes us; the present that causes much anxiety; and the future that often times we face with anguish.

Oh, Merciful Heart! In your Sacred Wound we hide, finding our refuge and our rest… our everlasting peace. In the unfathomable Ocean of Your Heart, we sinners submerge ourselves today, awaiting with confidence the greatest gift of Your Love for humanity: Your Mercy.

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